Thank you for bringing Southport win for Labour within reach says Liz Savage

7703933.jpgLabour’s parliamentary candidate at last week’s General Election, Liz Savage has thanked Southport residents who voted for her and looked to a probable Labour victory in the town in 2020.

“Thanks to everyone who supported me last week. We managed to double our vote and that puts us in contention for the next election when Labour can win here. In terms of swing required to win, Southport is now target seat number 61 for Labour at the next election. We knew from our extensive canvassing that people were rejecting the Lib Dems in large numbers and that the majority of their supporters would prefer a Labour government.”

14.3% Swing to Labour from Lib Dems in Southport

index.jpgLiz Savage’s vigorous and positive General Election campaign has shown that Labour can win in Southport. Liz doubled Labour’s share of the vote and achieved a swing from the Liberal Democrats of a massive 14.3%. Liz said “I want to thank everyone who voted for me. This result shows that our positive message concentrating on key local and national issues was well received. My team and I look forward to Labour securing an historic win in Southport in 2020.”




  • John Pugh Liberal Democrat 13,652
  • Damien Moore Conservative 12,330
  • Liz Savage Labour 8,468
  • Terry Durrance UK Independence Party 7,429
  • Laurence Rankin Green 1,230
  • Jacqueline Barlow The Southport Party 992



Liz Savage’s Guarantee

Southport Labour’s General Election candidate Liz Savage has issued a list of guaranteed actions she would take if elected as the town’s MP on Thursday. Liz says “More and more people are telling us on the doorstep that they just don’t know what they’re getting if they vote for the Lib Dem candidate. Five years of watching their MP prop up a Tory government has made people wonder if he’ll do the same again. In contrast I can guarantee that I’ll vote for the followinst_stall_web.jpgg:

  • Protection of our NHS from damaging Tory & Lib Dem privatisation and repeal of the Health & Social Care Act;
  • Capping of private sector rents during new secure three year tenancies;
  • Allowing railways to go back into public ownership;
  • A freeze on household fuel bills;
  • Banning exploitative zero hour contracts;
  • Abolition of the bedroom tax;Abolition of non-dom status;


We need an MP with influence to change things for the better for Southport and as a member of Labour’s NW Regional Board and with a Labour government on the way, I’m the person to do it.”