We’re positive about Southport, says local Labour Party

gang_2.pngFollowing encouraging results locally in the recent national and council elections, Southport Labour’s chair, Ray Roberts says that the future is bright for the town. “Labour councillors have shown in places like Formby, Maghull, Crosby and Lydiate that only Labour representatives will protect local communities from the worst of the cuts while standing up for their local areas. We pledge that if elected, Southport Labour councillors will do the same here. The negativity we hear from the Lib Dems needs to stop and we need effective representation who will get things moving. In the coming months we’ll be carrying on knocking on doors and listening to residents views.We have already pledged the following, and there’s more to come:

  • Work closely with Labour controlled Sefton to deliver schemes such as King’s Gardens, the Atkinson and the market
  • Protect adult social care in Southport;
  • Support the development of the imminent Town Centre Strategy for Southport;
  • Hold councillor surgeries in Norwood and Kew wards if elected because the existing 6 Lib Dem councillors in these areas don’t have these, they’re happy to take their allowances without being accessible via a surgery.
  • Consult with local people to determine the best ways to spend the £100k of unspent funds allocated by Sefton to Southport wards

We’ve had a huge influx of members since the General Election, an increase of around 150. We’re moving forward and we want to secure what’s best for Southport.”

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Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson welcomes news Thornton relief road is set to be formally opened on August 6

BillThorntonReliefRoad-072015WEBREADY.jpgSefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson has welcomed news that the Thornton relief road will finally be opened next month.

The long-awaited road will formerly be named A5758 Broom’s Cross Road and opened on August 6.

Bill Esterson MP said the road marks a victory for residents.

Bill said: “The Thornton relief road has been a long time coming, but we are very nearly there.

“When the work is complete and the road is opened on August 6 it will be the culmination of many years of work.

“Not just the many years of work from the contractors who have built the road itself, but even more years of campaigning from residents and councillors.

“Despite getting close to the finish line many times in the past, it was the determination of these campaigners who finally brought this plan to fruition.

“When in 2010 the government announced that the scheme had been shelved, I took up the cudgels to push ministers into realising how vital this road is for the infrastructure of the whole of Sefton and vital investment for the whole region.

“Thankfully, with the weight of a 40 year campaign, added together with pressure from residents, parish councils and borough councillors, we were able to get the scheme back on the agenda and the road built. Congratulations also to Sefton Council for part-funding the road as without local cash, the government would have said no.

“This road is a testament to people power and the involvement of the local council.”

Bill said the investment in Broom’s Cross Road will be felt in Sefton for generations.
Bill said: “I have argued with George Osborne and David Cameron in the Commons that we need to see investment in Sefton and throughout the region. We need that investment to create the jobs that we need and to help local businesses to thrive.

“This new road creates the links to the motorways that people in the north of the borough need to do business and to get to and from work and it also gives businesses the chance to get new customers.

“But as well as that, it will alleviate the congestion that the people of Thornton have been living with for far too many years and which motorists and commuters have been having to contend with day in and day out.

“I welcome this road as the start of the investment in Sefton, but now I want to see even more coming our way.”