Southport Labour activist appeals to Lord St supermarket on food waste

IMG_2222_smaller.jpgThe issue of food waste and Southport’s food banks has been brought into focus this week by Southport Labour’s youth officer Rebecca Rowland. She has appealed to bosses at Morrison’s Lord Street store to help local charities by donating food past its “best before” date. Rebecca has written to Morrison’s local Store Manager as well as the Chief Executive of the supermarket chain.


Rebecca said “The recent BBC TV show “War on Waste” addressed the amount of food thrown away by the supermarkets. Morrison’s promised to trial a policy of donating perfectly edible food that would otherwise be discarded to local organisations. I’ve asked them to consider supporting some or all of Southport’s seven food banks, the night shelter and the soup kitchen. Demand for food banks in Southport is four times the national average and in 2014 they issued over 41,000 meals locally.”

“At Southport Labour we’re fully supportive of the invaluable work carried out by our local food banks. We collect have a food bank collection point at our regular meetings and our Women’s Forum recently raised money for a donation to the local soup kitchen. I hope Morrison’s can respond positively to this appeal.”



Photo shows Rebecca at Morrison’s Lord St supermarket with her letter to the Store Manager.