Hospital Bed Shortage

Concern Over Hospital Beds And Adult Social Care

Janet_Jnr_Docs.jpgThere is growing concern amongst residents of Southport regarding the shortage of hospital beds and the threat to Adult Social Care services in our town.

One resident, Dee Willis told Janet Harrison, Labour Candidate for Kew Ward of the distressing situation regarding her elderly mother in law who was admitted to Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust. Due to the lack of beds she was left to suffer in excruciating pain for eight hours on a hospital trolley in a corridor.

Dee said,  “Each afternoon after visiting her, in the corridor there were elderly and sick patients waiting to be taken home. There must be thousands of stories like this, all over the country, but at Southport Hospital, over a few days, I’ve heard more horror stories to keep me awake for weeks.

I cannot fault the overworked staff as they do their best to care for so many sick people, for whom there are simply not enough services. It is the fault of the government because they won’t spend on the NHS”.

Janet commented, “This is an appalling situation that is taking place on our doorstep. We all know about the NHS crisis and the lack of investment by this government who seek to tender our healthcare services out to private companies whose main aim is to put profit before care. Spending on social care for the elderly has been cut by 17% whilst our elderly population has increased by 10%”. 

She further added, “Many elderly patients are fit for discharge in our hospital but because social care has been cut they have to stay until a care package can be arranged. Our elderly residents, many of whom moved to Southport to retire to have a full dignified, happy and comfortable life deserve better than this”.

Janet will continue to campaign against these cuts and will also be writing to our MP John Pugh to urge him to take more action with regard to the situation at Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust.  She will also ask him to clarify his position regarding the cuts to Adult Social Care and the effect this is having on our elderly residents.

She would also welcome your views and comments. You can contact Janet at

Photo:  Janet supporting the Junior Doctors in defending the NHS.

Panama Papers

Southport Labour Ask Local Tories to Explain Links to Dodgy Donors

Mhairi_tax.jpgSouthport Labour Party are asking local Conservative candidates to explain where their funding comes from after top Tory donors and the Prime Minister’s own family were linked to tax avoidance schemes based in Panama.

Ongoing revelations from leaked documents from the law firm Mossack Fonseca have put David Cameron on the back foot nationally, but Southport Labour say that alleged links between the company and several high-profile Tory donors taints the local party, too.

Mhairi Doyle, Labour candidate for Ainsdale ward, said: “Many people we talk to as we go door to door say they are fed up with the Conservatives cutting vital local services while taking money from jet-setting donors who have avoided paying tax here.

“Locally one Tory councillors is under investigation by the police for money laundering. It begs the question where the huge amount of funding the Tory Party receives actually comes from?

“David Cameron was asked directly if he or his family had benefited from his father’s offshore Blairmore company and he dodged the question. This is not good enough. He is the Prime Minister of this country and should lead by example.

“But this is symptomatic of this Conservative Government. George Osborne’s family business has not paid any corporation tax for 7 years despite paying out many thousands of pounds in dividends to shareholders.

Mhairi was out campaigning in Ainsdale again this week with dozens of volunteers and is confident she can break the Lib-Dem-Conservative hold on the village on the back of a huge surge in new membership.

She added: “People in Ainsdale are disillusioned with our unfair and unjust government of the many by the few. The Tax credit fiasco, the reduction of £30 from Employment Support Allowance, and the plans to cut disability benefits, to pay for tax cuts for the richest segment of society have shown us that we are not in this together.

“Couple this with rising national debt, lower manufacturing output, and a government that is selling off our assets one by one. The Labour Party is starting to speak for the ordinary person again, and is strongly opposing these plans. Hope is in the air again.”