#GE2017 – Labour Ramps Up Southport General Election Campaign

Labour has stepped up its bid to win Southport from the Lib Dems in the General Election by opening a campaign headquarters in the town centre. Newly elected Liverpool City Region Mayor, Steve Rotherham, was on hand to officially open the Southport Labour group’s pop-up HQ in Wayfarers Arcade. 
Labour’s Southport candidate, Liz Savage, said she’d been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm from Labour supporters to take the hotly contested seat. After doubling their share of the vote in 2015, Labour now believes it’s a three-way split between the main parties.
I made significant gains last time and only 5 in 100 Southport voters need to switch their vote for us to win,” says Liz, who runs a slimming consultancy in the town, “Southport’s A&E is under imminent threat due to Tory plans, our schools are under pressure, our children face very bleak prospects and after years of the Lib Dems holding this seat there’s been little benefit to the town.”
The opening of the town centre shop is seen as a real statement of intent by Labour and the 43-year-old-mother-of-two expects it will have surprised her opponents:
For too long Southport was seen as a contest between Lib Dem and Tory but things are changing, they have changed. Our membership here is now four times that of the Lib Dems and many local people are rightly horrified by Theresa May’s surge to the right. Five out of the seven Southport wards voted for Labour and Steve in the Liverpool City Region Mayor election and we had nearly 20 per cent more votes than the Tories. Southport chose Labour, and by some margin.
She also dismisses talk of tactical voting:
“It is an even fight now, and we can win it. My advice to voters would be; look at our manifesto, look at the equality it promises. Do you want us or the Tories, who have slashed vital services but given massive tax breaks to the rich and still run up the national debt? And never forget it was the Lib Dems who enabled the current period of Tory rule.”  
The prospect of a Labour MP for Southport also means the chance of greater opportunities for cooperating on Southport’s regeneration according to Liverpool City region Mayor Steve Rotherham:

“It would be a pleasure to work with Southport’s first Labour MP in developing the Liverpool City Region. Having an MP in Southport who very clearly shares my values and supports the vision spelled out in my manifesto would be great. A vote for Liz and Labour really counts in Southport on June 8th.”

Liz agrees, “A Labour MP would be a great bonus for Southport and I’d encourage anyone who is curious, pop into the shop and say hi. We are very proud of the manifesto we have to offer and the change and equality it offers. We are certain that we can help Southport. Our message is simple: if we win, you win!”

Labour candidate Liz Savage in discussions with Chair of Merseytravel on the future of Southport transport links


Southport’s travel links are essential to revitalising our depressed local economy, so on Tuesday I met the Chair of Merseytravel, Liam Robinson, to see what can be done to improve things.

It was a very positive meeting and I certainly took the opportunity to underline the importance of efficient rail links to this beautiful seaside town. I also stressed the need for an affordable service and quizzed Liam on what plans Merseytravel has for the service. It’s encouraging stuff…

We discussed at length the huge investment that Merseytravel is making in new trains, which means we will no longer have the oldest trains in the country serving Southport!

As Merseytravel is part of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, these trains will actually be owned by the people of Merseyside and Liam revealed that the initiative is actually 30% cheaper than a private company owning these trains. Crucially, for service users, it will also lead to a 10% decrease in travel times.

Better trains, provided more cheaply, improving the service and cutting journey times. A case for public ownership if ever there was one, I’d say.

New trains will also be introduced by Northern Rail following strong lobbying by local Labour councils which will see some new services for the town, in particular to West Yorkshire. The advantage of this to Southport is obvious; we can attract visitors from further afield, boosting our economy.

If elected as your Labour MP I will also continue to work hard with Merseytravel to ensure that our rail services to the south of Manchester via Oxford Road and Piccadilly are protected.

All of these improvements can only be a good thing for the local area.

As your MP I would also be in a unique and strong position to work with Labour colleagues such as the new Liverpool City Region Mayor, Steve Rotheram, and Merseytravel to improve services for the people of Southport.

Labour-run Merseytravel has led the £2 “My Ticket” fare scheme for young people. This has seen an increase of 80% in young people using buses. With the new devolved powers to re-regulate buses in our area, there is a great opportunity to go even further and ensure fares are more affordable for all other groups too.

Elect me as your MP and I will work with other Labour elected officials to ensure we are continually striving to provide the best deal for Southport.

I am committed to retaining concessionary fares for older people across Merseyside, not only so that our elderly residents benefit through getting out and about in the local community but also so those in other parts of the region can travel to us, bringing further trade to the area.

Our rail links are vital and with Steve Rotherham as Liverpool City Region Mayor, and Andy Burnham in Manchester, good working relationships could also prove just as beneficial to strengthening Southport’s economy and improving our town’s future.”

Liz Savage’s message to Green Party supporters

IMG_2740_smaller_2.jpgLabour candidate Liz Savage has sent a message to Green Party supporters following their decision not to field a candidate in Southport for the General Election.

Liz remarked “In some ways it’s unfortunate that Green Party supporters are being denied the choice they had two years ago. However I want to make an appeal to them directly to support our range of environmental policies in this election. Labour has set out a range of green policies including a ban on fracking, a pledge to repower Britain with a low carbon electricity system by 2030, and to secure a Brexit deal that doesn’t reduce UK environmental standards. In addition our new City Mayor, Steve Rotheram has pledged to shift to a zero carbon Merseyside by 2040 and to create a Liverpool City Region Renewable Energy Company.”

Southport Labour announce Liz Savage as candidate


Liz Savage has once again been selected to stand as Labour candidate in Southport for next month’s General Election.

Liz remarked “I’m delighted to be representing Labour in Southport again at this election. Two years ago we doubled our vote share, whilst the Lib Dems and Tories crashed in support and lost more than 10,000 votes between them – Labour is a serious contender in Southport at this election. We’ll be going out to improve on our performance and win.”
Tarleton based Liz set out her vision and priorities for our town “I’ll be campaigning hard to ensure the threat to the future of Southport A&E is removed. Southport has fantastic heritage assets and I’m the only candidate who will promise to work with the council to improve and enhance these features. I’m also the only candidate who will promise to work with our newly elected City Region Mayor to prioritise local transport, social care and the green economy. The Lib Dems and Tories together in government have left a legacy of cuts to the NHS, education, local government and policing. Only a Labour government can stop more of the same.”
Liz is a trained teacher who runs her own business as a slimming consultant in Crossens , Southport. She served as Mayor in West Lancashire 2016-17.

She previously organised the petition against the closure of breast care services at Southport Hospital and campaigned successfully to prevent the closure of dementia services at Brookdale Centre, Ainsdale.