Latest standards report for local NHS Trust means MP must stop the “charade”

hunt_tory_cuts_hurt_(1).jpgCalls have been made by Labour’s Liz Savage for Southport Hospital to receive greater levels of support and funding after the latest Care Quality Commission report about standards there. 

England’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals found several areas of concern across Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust and rated services unchanged at Requires Improvement overall. 

The Trust was rated “Requires Improvement” for being safe, effective and responsive. It was also rated “Inadequate” for being well-led and “Good for Caring”. 

At Southport Hospital the ratings for services stayed the same – “Requires Improvement”. A number of problems were identified from not securing patients’ notes securely to their risk assessments not being completed consistently.

It found that while mandatory training levels had improved, records for surgery showed that not all theatre recovery staff had completed immediate or advanced life support training. Across the hospital staff did not follow the trust’s infection control policy in relation to nursing patients with communicable diseases.

At the time of the inspection areas within the hospital were also not visibly clean. This included areas within spinal injuries, urgent and emergency care, surgery and medical wards.

The rating for the North West Regional Spinal Injuries Centre which is located the hospital, actually went down to “Requires Improvement” from it’s previous “Good” standard.

Ellen Armistead, Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals, North, said:

“While we saw some improvements they were limited. At the 2016 inspection we raised concerns regarding patients’ privacy and dignity… Unfortunately, at this inspection we observed patients were being cared for on the corridor in various states of condition and undress.

“The North West Regional Spinal Injuries Centre is based at this trust and it’s very disappointing to report that the rating for this service has fallen to Requires Improvement. 

“The pace of change needs to be addressed and the trust remains Requires Improvement overall.”

Ormskirk Hospital was also found to “Require Improvement” but the children’s emergency department service was rated “Good”. 

liz_savage.jpgLabour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Southport, Liz Savage, says:

“The trust has been going through a tough time over the last couple of years, staff are under huge pressures due to the Conservatives handling of the NHS and it has also had local management issues. It needs greater funding and more support to help ease it through this difficult period. 

Damien Moore recently accused us of ‘scaremongering’ when we raised concerns about what was happening at Southport Hospital, claiming all was well there. Will he now accuse the CQC of the same?

When will the town’s MP stop his charade and realise that there are serious issues that need to be addressed here? Our hospital and trust needs strong support and funding, not his weak platitudes.”  


Southport MP urged to put local children first and keep their free school meals

Free_School_meals_spec.pngSouthport’s MP has been urged to reject Government plans to leave thousands of the poorest children in the town and across Sefton without a free school meal.

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Southport, Liz Savage, has written to Tory MP Damien Moore urging him to put the children before party loyalty next week and oppose a plan the Government had tried to sneak through without a vote.

The policy could mean over 5,000 children across Sefton, many growing up in poverty, will not be able to access a free school meal, say the Children’s Society. 

The charity estimates it could affect over a million children across the country and may be the difference between them eating a hot meal that day and going hungry.damien_moore_pic.jpg

The plan will see an income threshold imposed on families receiving universal credit and the government is also planning to remove free childcare from those earning above the threshold.

For local families affected, the income threshold will create a cliff-edge, meaning some parents could be better off either reducing their hours, or not taking additional hours or pay rises. That’s because moving just above the income threshold would leave them worse off, which directly undermines the Government’s stated aim of Universal Credit – to make work pay.

The Government scheme to restrict free school meals and free childcare will be brought to the Commons next week, following an intervention from Labour to bring what it calls “these heartless and short sighted plans” to a binding vote.

liz_savage.jpgSpeaking about the scheme, Liz Savage said:

“The Tories are trying to dish up a particularly unpalatable plan to remove free school meals from up to 5,400 children in our area alone. 

It seems milk snatching wasn’t enough, they now want to remove the whole plate. 

“If Damien Moore wants to literally take hot dinners away from the children of his constituents, then frankly I’m not sure how much lower he can stoop.”

“The vote on Tuesday gives him an opportunity to show just whose side he is on; the poorest kids in his constituency, or this Tory government imposing heartless cuts on low income families. 

He needs to consider his priorities on Tuesday and I’ve written to him asking that they are the children rather than career ambition.” 

Southport Labour praised for parking charge success

seftonj_parking_3_(2).jpgSefton Council has brought back cheaper 30-minute parking after strong representations from Southport Labour and also Southport BID.  
Parking meters will now accept a reduced fee of 80p after both groups pushed for the return of the half-hour charge which was scrapped two years ago. The one-hour parking charge will remain at £1.50.  
During his budget speech Sefton Council Leader, Ian Maher, revealed how recent strong local representations from Southport Labour’s Mhairi Doyle and Janis Blackburne had helped convince him of the need to look again at the parking charge issue.  
Speaking afterwards, Councillor Maher explained:    
“I was delighted to be able to confirm that the 30-minute parking charge will return to Southport. We had very productive discussions with Mhairi and Janis from Southport Labour and Liz Savage on this matter and they all made a strong case that it was something we really needed to revisit. We hope this shows that we really want to work together with those who want a genuine spirit of cooperation. Constant confrontation from some quarters gets us nowhere and holds back progress on issues in the town.”  
Cllr Paulette Lappin, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulation and Compliance, whose brief parking charges are, also gave credit to BID saying:  
“We meet regularly with the Southport BID and discuss many aspects that could benefit the busy town centre. After being approached by the BID to reintroduce the 30 minutes of parking, following further discussions we are happy to assist in making this happen through the difficult budget setting process. As a Council, we will always listen and hope this is well received in the town.”  
mhairi_liz_and_janis.jpgSouthport Labour Chair, Mhairi Doyle MBE, said she was pleased that the representations had been well received:  
“Janis and I believe strongly in us all working together to get the best for Southport. It’s been a very constructive approach all round and Sefton deserves much credit for that too.”   
Liz Savage, Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Southport, said the reduction would help those looking to “pop-in” to town:  
“I’m thrilled that Sefton has listened to our case and that of BID and has agreed to reduce the charge period. It shows they do listen and do really care about local concerns. The half-hour charge is great for those who just want to pop-in to town and let’s not forget if you want longer then there are other options.”  
“Sefton provides a fantastic park and ride scheme in Southport for instance that costs just £2 for a full day of parking at the Esplanade. It’s something critics completely and conveniently like to ignore.”