Positives and “fundamental change” highlighted as local election candidates unveiled

 Following huge gains locally in recent years, Labour is looking to further strengthen its position in Southport after revealing its candidates in the town for next month’s local elections.

The last contest in the area in 2019, saw Labour achieve its highest ever vote, with three times as many as the Liberal Democrats. It was the worst result in a general election for a liberal candidate of any type in Southport since the Victorian era, going all the way back to 1900. 

This followed two local election campaigns in the previous 18 months in which Labour took 5 seats from the Lib Dems and the previous general election result in which Labour also surpassed them with a record vote at the time.

Lib Dems secured Southport’s worst general election result for a liberal candidate in nearly 120 years.

Labour says its desire for positive action and cooperation between the community and council to take Southport forward is in clear contrast to opponents, as Southport Labour’s Chair Cllr Mhairi Doyle explained:

“When you compare the record of Labour in Southport and across Sefton with the Lib Dems, for instance, it’s quite stark how there is a fundamental change and they are clearly being rejected by local residents after years of doing little of any actual note but complain and spread misinformation.” 

“Contrast that with our hard work and advances locally and how Labour-run Sefton Council has just been acknowledged for its ‘fantastic work’ and critical role in helping ensure the success of the Southport Town Deal funding by the independent Chair of the Town Deal Board.” 

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Labour councillors reassure residents over South African Covid variant in Norwood.

Norwood Councillors Greg Myers, Carran Waterfield and Mhairi Doyle.

Norwood’s councillors have moved to reassure local residents after the discovery of the South African Covid variant in their ward.  

The news caused widespread concern across Southport after it was revealed yesterday that the Covid mutation had been discovered in the PR9 area.  

Now, the ward’s Labour councillors have sought to calm fears by explaining that the case is actually located in their ward and that while concern is understandable, residents should not be unduly alarmed. They should though be more mindful.

Councillor Greg Myers commented: 

“This variant isn’t necessarily more dangerous in terms of the threat it poses to your health but it is more easily spread to others, so increasing risk in that sense. Residents are advised to carry on following the lockdown guidelines, and those who perhaps haven’t been should certainly start doing so now.” 

 “If before the idea was to stay at home and think twice before making any journeys to ensure they are essential, the advice now is think three times and make certain.”     

“Plans are also being put in place for a widespread testing regime. We understand that there will be two mobile units in place at the old Park and Ride on Foul Lane tomorrow, which will be for ward residents  only to use.”  

Mobile testing units and door-to-door testing will be offered.

“My colleague Mhairi Doyle and I will then be joining a team going door-to-door here offering testing to about 10,000 residents in total. This will begin within the next couple of days once training and logistics have been sorted.”  

Councillor Doyle continued: 

“These will be PCR tests and we’d encourage everyone to do the test when we call at their home, it’s very quick and simple and you will have the results back in a couple of days. Our third Labour Councillor in Norwood, Carran Waterfield, is very sadly on bereavement leave at the moment or would undoubtedly have been helping us with this.”  

“For those residents outside the ward, there are testing facilities at Splash World and also, for those who actually already have Covid symptoms, at the town hall.” 

“The council is also doing what it can to offer a support package if anyone then has to self-isolate and the door-to-door tester will be questioning residents about what needs they will have, if so.”  

“We’d also call on the government to look at improving the sick pay situation for people directly caught up in this pandemic, they must ensure that those who are meant to self-isolate do not feel forced to ignore it because of money concerns.” 

“True spirit” of Southport shines through – after MP utterly fails residents.

Sefton Council, local charities and Southport businesses are being praised for rallying around after the government refused to extend free school meals to hardpressed local families this week.

Despite strong appeals from Manchester United footballer and child food poverty campaigner Marcus Rashford, the government voted down the Labour Party motion to give extra free meals support to families during the current crisis by extending it over the holiday periods until next Easter. 

Southport’s Conservative MP Damien Moore, who has been strongly criticised for voting to reduce free school meals in the past, once again refused to support the much-needed help this time by abstaining. 

Just minutes before, he also voted against giving 80% furlough support to local workers and businesses affected by Tier 3 restrictions – leaving them with just two-thirds of wages under government plans. 

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