Southport Labour Buoyed By Corbyn Win

Southport Labour Party have welcomed the vote to support Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Party and are setting their sights on winning their first council seat in Southport for decades.

With their membership continuing to rise, the local party has scores of new volunteers to count on and high hopes of improving on their second-place finish in local wards when elections next take place

Mhairi.jpgChair of the local party Mhairi Doyle said: “For some the leadership question has been a distraction, but it has actually helped clear the air and inspired hundreds of local people to join the party and our campaign.

“It is now the responsibility of everyone who supports Labour to unite behind the leader. We have gone through a democratic process and Jeremy has been given a resounding mandate, even larger than the first time.

“Our local NHS services are in peril, people are worried about their jobs and incomes, inequality and hate is on the rise. The fight for a fairer society begins with a vote for Labour and increasing numbers of local people are realising that lending their vote to the Lib Dems is a self-defeating exercise.”

Meanwhile, Southport Labour Party Executive Committee member Pat Atkinson gave a speech at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool about how changes to teacher training policies proposed by the Conservative government would lead to poorer education standards and threaten the future of training colleges such as Edge Hill University.

It is proposed that new teachers should no long need to have qualifications, a development Pat said is part of efforts to accelerate the privatisation of schools.

“It’s about undermining the teaching profession and providing profit for a few at the expense of our children’s futures,” she added.

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