Liz Savage urges Southport MP to vote against controversial fracking legislation

drilling.jpgThis Monday (26th January) sees parliament vote on the controversial Infrastructure Bill that would allow unlimited fracking to take place under private property including houses and allow “any substance” to be left behind. Southport Labour’s parliamentary candidate Liz Savage is urging the town’s Lib Dem MP to vote against the measure, not least because around 85% of Southport is within an area licensed by the government for fracking.

Southport Labour has obtained a copy of a letter (click here to read the letter) from the town’s MP to one of his constituents which downplays the risks and compares the effects of fracking to tube trains under his central London flat. Liz stated “Fracking is of great concern to many Southport people and this letter appears to place John Pugh firmly in the camp of those who believe fracking should go ahead. If he votes in favour of the Infrastructure Bill he’s voting to allow this unproven process to take place under the majority of Southport. I think the jury is out on fracking and we need to know a lot more before we allow it to happen under residential areas. In his letter, which the recipient described as patronising, he likens fracking to tube trains which frankly misses the point as well as being a ridiculous comparison.”

“I hope local residents will  sign our online petition asking Southport’s MP to vote against the Infrastructure Bill.

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