Labour’s policy on private rents will help thousands in Southport says Liz Savage

┬áResidents of Southport who rent their homes from private landlords were given hope of more stability and financial security following Labour’s announcement on fair rent policy.

Labour has promised to bring in new 3 year secure tenancy agreements whereby landlords will be barred from increasing rents above the rate of inflation.

In addition new legislation will require landlords to disclose rents charged to their last tenants so that householders have proper information and can negotiate the best deal at the start of their contract. Rogue landlords who do not keep their housing stock up to basic standards will have their “buy to let” tax relief slashed.

Liz said “This is fantastic news for nearly 7,500 households in Southport who rent their house privately. People want security but many families are having to move year after year, even having to change their kids school as a result. Many are forced to rent for the long term because they cannot afford to raise the deposits needed to get on the housing ladder. This policy is a lifeline to these Southport families and individuals.”

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