#GE2017 – Poll has Labour & Tories leading in Southport, Lib-Dems 3rd



The latest general election poll indicates that Southport voters are turning to Labour.

The poll, by the Liverpool Echo, reveals that Labour are currently tied with the Conservatives, both receiving over a quarter of the survey votes, with exactly 26.4% of the vote each.

The Lib-Dems, meanwhile, are a distant third with less than half that at 12.7%. 

Labour’s candidate, Liz Savage, said she was not surprised by the poll results:

“We have been receiving a very favourable reaction on the doorsteps, and the poll strengthens our belief that Southport realises the choice in this election is between us and the Conservatives who’ve drifted far to the right.

They are threatening our local A&E, our schools and driving wages down. We aim to stop them.”

With nearly a quarter of those polled saying they were still undecided, Liz is clear about their choice:

If you ask, ‘What are the basics for a decent life?’, most people I think would include a decent education, a decent NHS, a decent affordable home and a decent wage packet… under Conservative rule all have suffered, it’s an indecent government. It’s time to rebuild a fairer Britain. 


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