Liz Savage’s Election Pledges to Southport

conf_speech2.jpgHere’s a summary of the promises I’ve made to the people of Southport during this camapaign; this is what I’ll do if I’m elected as your MP:

Work positively with Sefton Council to regenerate our town and ensure the fantastic heritage of Southport is retained.

As Southport’s MP I would work positively with the leader and cabinet of Sefton Council, pushing for regeneration of the Town Centre whilst ensuring that the heritage of Southport is retained.  I have already started work on this -; for example I’ve met Sefton Council’s leader and discussed with him how Lord Street’s Conservation Area status can be used to encourage shop owners (many of whom are out of town investment companies) to renovate the canopies above their shops. As your MP I would bring together local residents, the council, the Business Improvement District team, the Local Enterprise Partnership and many other stakeholders to work together and cooperate towards a single goal of regenerating Southport.

Promote changes to pre-pay meters and will commit myself to fairness on household fuel.

I would put forward measures to promote change to pre-pay meters for Gas and Electricity.  Many people who are on or below the poverty line are forced on to these more expensive meters and are forced to pay for the meters as well as being on some of the most expensive tariffs.  Figures show  that in Southport there are as many as 6,000 electricity and over 4,000 gas pre- payment meters. I would seek to make this fairer with energy companies having to apply to the regulator before enforcing a pre-pay meter.

As your Labour MP you can be certain that I would vote for Labour’s household energy price freeze and support fixing the broken energy market with a tough new regulator to curb rip-off bills. I am also committed to Labour’s plans to end the scandal of cold homes and fuel poverty by upgrading the energy efficiency of at least five million homes over the next ten years, saving the average household £270 a year on their fuel bills.

Support the repeal of the Lib Dem and Tory damaging NHS reforms.

I have experienced Social Care both as a patient and as the daughter of someone with a brain tumour.  I have seen the strain our care system is under which leads to pressures on our NHS. As your local Labour MP I would be vigorously supporting Labour’s proposals to streamline social care and integrate it with the NHS. Labour will guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours. You can be certain that a vote for me is a vote against damaging privatisation of our NHS.

Campaign for Better local transport As Southport’s MP I would be voting for Labour’s policy to allow more train operating companies to become publicly owned and for them to work in the best interests of passengers and not just shareholders. We would expect over time to see improvements in Merseyrail services to Liverpool and Northern Rail services to Manchester. I’ll support the Labour policy of re-regulating our buses which will mean Merseytravel can provide a truly integrated transport system, with more affordable fares, in a similar way as London Transport.

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