Thousands of Southport families to be hit with tax credit cuts

Over 7,000 working families in Southport will lose vital income as a result of the Government’s cut to tax credits.

Figures revealed by the Southport Labour Party Women’s Forum researched from the Government’s own data, shows that approximately 7,250 working households in Southport will lose an average of £1,300 per year starting from April.

Southport Labour Party women’s officer Louise Lee said: “This is an assault on low-paid, working people who are already struggling.

“It seems that the Tories are happy to let people on low income pay for the generous tax cuts for high earners and the financial crash caused by the bankers.

“We’re particularly concerned on the impact that this will have on children. Only Labour are in a position to fight against these measures and with our movement growing rapidly, we intend to do so.”

Since the General Election in May this year, Southport Labour Party has gained more than 600 new members and supporters.

Louise Lee added: “With all of these extra members, Southport Labour Party will be working hard to make Southport an even better place to live for everybody, including fighting for low-income families here that will miss out on essentials because of these Tory cuts.”





The data used in the calculation is as follows:

Tab 5, line 432 in this spreadsheet give number of households in Southport (39,432):

Line 432 in this spreadsheet gives percentage of households in Southport in receipt of tax credit (25.9%):–february-2015/rft1.xls

This means households receiving tax credits in Southport 25.9% X 39,432 = 10,210

The document below gives details on number of working households affected by changes to tax credits on page 9.

4.567m individuals and families in receipt of tax credits, 3.277m of whom are in-work = 71.7%. Applied to Southport that is 71.7% X 10,210 = 7,250 households. The figure of £1300 per year is also given here.  

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