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Southport’s Seven Labour Candidates – Standing Up For Southport Not Standing By

KandN_Team.jpgSouthport Labour launched their election campaign amid a huge rise in membership and confidence of breaking the town’s Conservative-Lib Dem block.

Mhairi Doyle the candidate for Ainsdale, Ged Wright the candidate for Birkdale,  Steve Jowett the candidate for Cambridge, Frank Hanley the candidate for Dukes, Janet Harrison the candidate for KewDebbie Bannon the candidate for Meols and Lesley Delves the candidate for Norwood, speaking at a get together of some of Southport Labour Parties nearly 1,000 members and supporters, made the following points:

 Mhairi said, “In last year’s General Election, 1332 residents of Ainsdale voted Labour. This was a 300% increase in our vote. This would certainly be enough to win a local election if all these Labour supporters turn out to support me on May 5th.”

Ged added, “If you have ever voted Liberal Democrat because you feel a vote for Labour is wasted, I can assure you this is no longer the case. During the last election Labour’s vote share doubled. We only need 7 voters in every 100 to switch to Labour in Birkdale for us to win.”

Steve pointed out that, “The Conservative government, and the previous coalition with the help of the Liberal Democrats, have inflicted severe and unfair cuts in funding to local councils, police and fire services in the name of austerity. This is why services are under so much pressure. The blame for these cuts must stay with the government.”

Frank said, “Dukes Ward has not been well served by your Conservative and Liberal Democratic representatives.  All they are offering you are more cuts in service and no hope.  Labour is determined to fight back against the government’s cuts and restore pride in Southport.”

Janet spoke about, “Voting Liberal Democrat because you feel a vote for Labour is wasted is no longer the best option. During the last election Labour came a very close second in Kew Ward and we increased our vote share by 729, more than doubling our vote from the previous year.”

Debbie remarked, “We intend to win in Meols this year and really make a difference to the residents by working effectively with our colleagues in Sefton for the benefit of all.  Last year Labour achieved 1147 votes in Meols Ward, our highest ever total.  We managed this with minimal resources. In the last year our membership trebled and we are very confident of building on the success of 2015”

Lesley wants people to know that, “Many of you think that a vote for Labour in Southport will not be a winning vote and you have told us that you only vote Lib Dem to keep the Tories out.  The Liberal Democrats have proved in government that when the chips are down they are willing to implement Conservative cuts.  I am asking you to vote with your conscience, vote for the party that you want to win, vote Labour.”

To join the Labour Party click this link – join.labour.org.uk

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If you would like to help us with our campaigns please comment below or contact Steve Jowett at southportlabour@outlook.com.

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