Liz Savage – Candidate Statement


If you want to know what Labour will bring to Southport I can sum it up in one word – investment

Investment in local services so that Southport families will know that our hospital is safe and secure, with its services improving – then there are our plans for a national care service and free personal care; our plans to give local authorities real funding to ensure an improvement in local services that will see our roads repaired, that our streets are safe and clean and much more. 

We will make an investment in Southport and its future – bringing real funding and regeneration to our town and villages which for nearly a decade have been blighted by Lib Dem and Tory cuts. Helped by Labour’s multi-point plan to rebuild our high streets by tackling real problems such as unfair Tory business rates, we can look at repurposing empty properties and revitalising our town centre so it can adapt to current trends and challenges. 

There will also be investment in our people here, with a real minimum wage of £10 an hour, an expansion of real apprenticeships, and with plans for a national education service local people will benefit from cradle to grave free education – so at school they will get a world-beating education and as adults, opportunities to reskill retrain to help boost our economy by creating a truly skilled workforce for the modern era. 

If you want to know a little about me – I am a proud mum of two teenage children and live just a few miles away from the constituency boundary while having my own business in Southport. I’m also a qualified teacher who still does supply work in classrooms. In 2016 I was Mayor in West Lancs after being a councillor there since 2011. Previously I’d been a Hertsmere councillor, 1996-’99.

I first stood for Southport in 2015 and we doubled our vote here. In 2017 we nearly did it again, coming second here with the largest share of the vote Labour has ever had here. 

What I bring is a long and real record of campaigning on local issues for local people. 

From fighting for our hospital and improving its services, which got the backing of the local NHS trust chief; to helping save a local park or helping get car parking charges reduced and lots more besides – I’ve taken on local issues for the benefit of our community here for years and am also working with prominent business people and political leaders to revitalise the town.

Contrast that with the Conservative candidate who as MP wildly boasted he’d secured £675m in funding and Southport would receive a chunk of it…  but it was pure fantasy and Southport never saw a penny! 

Now he’s trying it on again claiming he’s secured £25m… though, in reality, this is a government scheme allowing various councils the opportunity to each bid for a funding stream of up to £25m – with no guarantee of any sum for ours or any of them. 

His party is also refusing the funds our hospital needs – while it’s now become clear that despite previous denials, Boris Johnson’s government HAVE held preliminary US trade deal talks that put our NHS at risk.  

Then there’s the Liberal Democrats who’ve done little here for years except proclaim that they “live here” and yet now they have a candidate from Chorley Borough – one who has no real record of having done anything in the way of campaigning for local residents on local issues as he was too busy trying to be the candidate for South Ribble, where he got less than 4% of the vote. Is THAT what we really want for Southport?   

The Lib Dems have been declining all decade in general elections here. Labour came a strong second in Southport in 2017 and the Lib Dems have also lost five council seats to us since. 

Even the Tories here now admit it’s between us and them and tactical voting sites, which are often behind the curve, have now caught up and switching to saying vote Labour here. 

I’d say to Southport residents who want to oust the Tories – do you really want to chance putting them back in and risk getting their awful Brexit deal by voting for anyone else but Labour here? 

We will bring real change… and Southport desperately needs it after being on the Lib Dem /Tory treadmill getting us nowhere for far too long.