Coronavirus / Covid-19.

We urge everyone to follow the social distancing advice.

You might be healthy, you might be young, you might be both, and hopefully, you will be just fine – however, many others are not and certainly won’t be if we all don’t act responsibly.

(EDIT – Please note that new rules have been issued to stay at home. Full details can be found here.)

There are links below this graphic for further important current advice.

You can find the World Health Organisation’s advice for the public here:

The government’s advice page is here:

Sefton MBC has the following page with advice on several areas and links to Public Health England advice:

Here in Southport, we have five Labour councillors who will do what they can to help with any queries or issues you may have. You can find a full list of Sefton councillors by ward in this link:

If we can help with any problems here at Southport Labour then please do not hesitate to get in touch via or via our Facebook page:

Please make sure you follow the social distance criteria. We can still work together to stop this virus spreading and minimise the harm it will cause but it starts with each of us taking individual responsibility. Stay safe.