Labour’s Liz gets firefighters lift to election campaign.

Southport firefighters have come out in support of Labour’s Liz Savage after slamming cuts made by the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.

Gathering outside the local station with the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Southport, they pointed to the 1 in 5 firefighters cut by the Lib Dems and Tories since 2010 and the knock-on effects it has had on their role, with safety fears an ever-present concern.

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Labour’s Liz helps residents tackle Marshside and Crossens crime problems

Labour’s Liz Savage has been out with officers on patrol in Marshside after a series of incidents in the local area which have concerned local residents and seen car windows smashed.

The Labour candidate for Southport has been working on the issue for several weeks after being asked for help by residents and local business owners in Marshside and Crossens.

Having contacted the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, the local community police team and Sefton Council about the issue to ensure a joined-up approach to tackling it, she then also gained personal experience of the problems with her Slimming World consultancy business falling victim to the disruption.

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Lib Dem hospital lies exposed by NHS trust chief’s comments

Southport Lib Dems have been accused of “lies, scaremongering and reckless behaviour” by their Labour opponents after recent comments by the departing local NHS Trust chief.

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital Trust Chief Executive Silas Nicholls revealed that he backed Liz Savage’s campaign for a walk-in centre for Southport in addition to the local A&E, saying:

“I think it would help ease the burden here considerably to have a Southport walk-in centre in addition to the A&E. I know that the local CCG has its own funding issues but I also know what would help our A&E here, so I wish the campaign for the walk-in centre every success.”

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